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The UK Pub History for London and the South are listed on my pub history site if they have any historical interest

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There are a number of excellent sites which list the pubs in London and their history, as listed in the links at the side.

Here is how to generate a google sitemap for these sites using linux.

The best is probably here, and largely lists pubs geographically using church parishes. It may sound weird in sorting them in this fashion, but you will note that churches rarely move; and they also record the parish records for that geographical area.

This method does get very confusing at times, and other sites use a simple modern system of recording pubs by their London postcode. This is then easily referenced in modern day terms. The modern post codes did not start properly until at least 1959, and therefore it is difficult to map these back to Victorian street addresses, although there were ten postal districts first created in 1857.

Back to pubs. I am starting to amass a list of the current 58,000 pubs in 2017 with links back to their pub history - if there was any!

See the pub history menu for all of the other areas which are covered, some are strong, others are awaiting more input. Please feel free to send me modern and historical images and detail. I work fulltime, but will add this as soon as I can. 

One important thing which needs mentioning. Many modern pubs have changed names. Many pub chains have bought up older buildings and altered them into a pub. These modern pubs often used to include the name 'Old' in the name to indicate they were brand new pubs! Confused yet? The history of these pubs will often state they were here since Elizabethan times, but they omit to mention it was a pig farm at the time, or whatever.



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