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History of Poplar High Street through the last two hundred years.

The transcription of Trade Directories and census; plus a brief synopsis of the census through about a 100 year time span for the Poplar High Street area. It  gets quite interesting as the years roll on, and we start to see motor vehicles and wireless mentioned in the 20th century.

Also see the London 1921 Street Directory

Comparisons are made between different census and Trade Directories; plus the addition of external links for support material. These are from 1851, 1856, 1861, 1871, 1882, 1899, 1910, 1915, 1934 and 1944 for the area of Poplar High Street only. Links from these pages to the specific Public Houses in Poplar High Street generally include more detailed information on the census entries.

North Side :    (Numbering before 1871)

Numbers 1 to 41 - Poplar High Street (265 to 284)

Numbers 41 to 95 - Poplar High Street (237 to 265)

Numbers 95 to 143 - Poplar High Street (217 to 237)

Numbers 143 to 179 - Poplar High Street (198 to 217)

Numbers 179 to 241 - Poplar High Street (168 to 198)

Numbers 241 to 275 - Poplar High Street  (150 to 168)

Numbers 275 to 315 - Poplar High Street  (137 to 150)

South Side :

Numbers 2 to 28 - Poplar High Street  (1 to 10)

Numbers 32 to 68 - Poplar High Street  (11 to 27)

Numbers 70 to 108 - Poplar High Street  (29 to 46)

Numbers 108 to 154 - Poplar High Street  (46 to 64)

Numbers 154 to 210 - Poplar High Street  (64 to 77)

Numbers 210 to 270 - Poplar High Street  (77 to 101)

Numbers 270 to 314 - Poplar High Street  (101 to 123)

Numbers 314 to 388 - Poplar High Street  (123 to 136)

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