Finding the oldest pubs in London in old street directories.

I write lots of web sites about old pubs, I mean OLD pubs. I also love exploring London, and in particular the older streets, many of which are now just full of modern office buildings. Some of the oldest taverns, inns and coffee houses are noted in my london taverns site.

I am unable to visit London at present, so I throw my entire soul into adding detail to my pubwiki and londonwiki sites. I have been adding lots of useful early listings for pubs in 1827, when George III was on the throne; about ten years before Queen Victoria.

I am also researching the 1818 London street directory, which is a fairly limited set of data, but I am then adding the John Lockie 1810 description, and links to the 1832 and 1842 London street directories already listed on my sites, and then adding entries back into this 1818 street listing, if this makes sense.

I am also using a number of records from other sources, e.g. the Holdens directories between 1805 and 1811. Again, these are just a point in time when a pub, tavern or inn existed, and the dates are not always correct, nor are the records – they did not have computers and google in those days.

It is all a bit archaic, but a means of proving whether a pub existed at a specific address at this time, and dispelling the myths of many an old pub claiming to be from time immemorial.

The latter is a basic history of London streets, through time and over a period of time, using pubs, inns and taverns as useful geographical locations to describe road changes through time; and churches, and loads of street directories.

There are also some amazing mapping sites becoming available everyday, including Rocques 1746 map of London, which is incredible, plus the layers of london site where you can overlay a number of maps through time.

There are many other sites, too.

I deal with factual records, and my pages are actually quite boring to look at most of the times, being mainly plain text with some fantastic images added as I can find them.