London 1899 pub history and going earlier

It was some years ago that I decided that adding a pub in London in 1899 was an incredible thing. I spent my whole waking lifeĀ  ensuring that there was an pub history entry for all public houses which existed in Victorian times in 1899.

As you probably know by now, Victoria died a couple of years later .

Then over many years of research I added the 1839 and 1841 directories which were rarely complete. Then I found a copy of the Robsons 1842 street directory online . This was a game changer. The 1842 directory is incredibly large, and is immensely powerful in its descriptive compilation. It is a full blown street directory and clearly marks the London properties including many pubs.

Some years on, I am finally adding the 1832 Robsons directory detail to the site, which also includes a lot of pub history; and I use this to my advantage. The 1839 and 1841 directories never really excited me, the early Robsons directories do a lot for me, they are brilliant, even if the earlier directory has a lot of typos.

Just for completeness, here is the London pub history index as it is at present, today in 2018.


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