19 Borough High street – before 1830

I was searching for something last night, I cannot remember what I was looking for, but I stumbled across a book called the Annals of St Mary Overy. I often have a scan through these early books for the imagery which is enclosed, some can be really good.

Near the end of this book was a small section on the early inns and taverns of Southwark; and as usual every author likes to quote a bit of Chaucer and  his early tales. Alongside this section was a picture which appeared to be the Talbot Inn, although it had no resemblance to it. I took this a little further and searched the index as the wording under the picture was not clear at all. It was described as an Ancient House, Southwark. Fair enough, it was a beauty.

I then scanned through similar pictures in search, and found a street scene of early Borough High street in Getty images, and in this could be seen a high possibility for this building.

And then, actually it does actually help to read the book, and it is described as 19 Borough, originally Brewsters wine merchants. I did a search on my own site, and there he is in 1805 and again in 1811 listed at 19 Borough. He is also there in 1818, but that is another part of a later story.

So there we go. What a cracking find. It is also listed as the Crown and Chequers at this address; and latterly disappears by around 1830.

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