Nags Head, 324 Hackney road

I cannot remember how I got to update this page. Yes, it was the Goldapple entry in 1938. I had spent the day looking at Goldapple  licensees in East London. One was Phillip Goldapple, at the Rising Sun, Sidney street during the time of the Sidney street riots in 1911.

Anyway, that was a separate post on my other London history blog.

The Nags Head has not changed much in looks, you can still make out the distinctive outline of the building, even though it is now a music store and bag shop – two separate shops.

Apparently it traces its history back to  1706. I can prove this currently back to 1805 from the entries on this pub history site. It is all open to discussion, and all appears to be correct.

If I get going tomorrow, and fancy a walk, I may train in to Whitechapel and take a walk up Hackney road, maybe. And take some pictures.

Don’t hold your breath on this.


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