Shadwell pub history

In case you wonder what I do late at night when most sensible people go to bed, or curl up with a good book? I like to revisit an area on the London pub history site, and see where i can improve it.

Tonight I am in Shadwell. There were a lot of pubs in Shadwell. Along with my research I find mainly Stephen Harris and Ewan mentioned, and the Tower Hamlets history society and a number of others.

What I am planning on doing tonight, and probably during the day tomorrow, is add a few details to each page, and hopefully show when a pub was open by, and maybe closed by; or whatever.

Just working through one tiny area of London, I am starting to see what I have spent the last eighteen years building. I cannot decide whether it is an abomination or a work of art, probably the latter!

The updates from people seem to be a lot slower these days, which suggests there is not masses of detail to add, but I refute this, although I am really working on a London street directory more than the pub history site these days.

C’est la vie.


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