Future of the London pub history site

I am always trying to make the pub history site better. I am concentrating on London mainly. A preference towards what makes the site more mobile friendly is important, but always with the reference to historical pubs rather than modern pubs.
The address is therefore the most crucial part of this, and in particular the old historical address, say 150 years ago! I have little interest in modern pubs, or modern streets.
Post codes also do not work, they are a modern addition. I sort pubs and other addresses through their original church parish, which is a real pain, trust me.
But, then, modern mapping sites offering parallellised views of an area through time have now started to appear online. These help me more than you can imagine.
Back to the London 1832 street directory, I can now find a street in the last century and show a modern version of the same area today.
This will do for now.
Also, in regards to a mobile app to list the 1832 street directory, which is currently a list of street names, do I require this to be a searchable database to find a street?
I will think about this over the next few days.
Here is West Smithfield with mapping added.

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