Albert Arms, Mile end

I have a regular who collects tankards, as many people do. He emailed me about a particular pub or pubs, called the Albert Arms in Mile End. He also gave me the initials of  a probable landlord  –  G P.

So, I had two possible public houses, one was a licensed house which meant it sold spirits as well, the other a beer house – just selling beer, maybe even just a grocer / off licence.

The two possible pubs were the Albert Arms, in Bancroft road, and a beer house at 5 Railway place, which happened to have the name of the Albert Arms at some stage in its life.

The query was for a landlord with initials GP – that’s it. No dates.

Where does one start? The pub was fairly easy. I have a file which lists many years of records which take me directly to the lists of public houses in London, and as it was the Albert Arms, it was at the start of these records, i.e. I id not need to find a specific page.

During this research I did add many additional years to my lists of London pubs; which is always useful.

As regards the beer house, I had an address, and this needed a search on this address through time. This took a little longer. It was a similar research technique, but searching on a specific address.

I did come up with an answer.



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