London pub history – and an audit of the site

I have to say that the pub history site, mainly about London and the South East has been building for a number of years. I am currently 3.6 average in google for pub history, about 5,5 for London street directory, and 1.7 for London pub history; and therefore I am on track for having a reasonable site.

The pub history site, which is one of many sites I run, has currently about 48,000 web pages, and a significant number of good images – I do not count the latter, but there are a lot.

I have another blog, which is being dropped soon, on which I posted some statistics after creating my latest sitemap and then searching on this for specific terms  I was quite surprised that London did not have a larger number of pages, and that other areas scored highly.

Here are the approximate results :

London – 12428 ; Essex – 4110 ; Kent – 5558 ; Hampshire – 3239 ; Bedfordshire – 377; Berkshire – 2086 ; Buckinghamshire – 1709 ;  Middlesex – 1576; Surrey – 1835 ; Sussex – 1821 ; Cambridgeshire – 1850 ; Oxfordshire – 1528 ; Gloucestershire – 2660 ;
Cornwall – 276 ; Somerset – 606 ;

Others I should have searched for were Wiltshire, Devon and Isle of Wight.

This is my pub history site; I have another for the North and midlands.


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