Another day in London & pub history & accessible rail travel

Another day in London & pub history & accessible rail travel

Another day today was planned on spending some time in London. In fact, this was largely due to my lack of exercise. I am pleased to say that I managed about 15000 steps during my walk.

I started on an Elizabeth line train into Liverpool street, well it was definitely a new train. I was going to stop off along the way and visit some of the other stations, and gather some photographs etc, but it was cold and raining, just a little. When leaving this new train, I was rather bemused by the gap between the train and the carriage. It was at least 15 inches, maybe a lot more.

On arriving at Liverpool street, I probably circled the area for the first 45 minutes trying to get some major thought processes flowing. Not to be had, I wandered into Aldgate station.

I know these are old buildings, but they could add a lift somehow, couldn’t they? Ah hah, Blackfriars is a few stops away, where the Fleet river used to run, before being covered over and latterly turned into a sewer, probably now blocked with fatbergs.

I was pleasantly surprised at Blackfriars station, although I knew this to be the case, the new station is very accessible for everyone. I was obviously looking for signs of the Fleet river from about 150 years ago, and was not expecting to find anything, but was looking for inspiration.

Look at this map of London, in 1746 :

The Fleet ditch / river in 1746

The Fleet ditch starts at its southerly point somewhere near to Blackfriars bridge. It clearly runs north. Fleet bridge is roughly where Fleet street and Ludgate hill merge. Actually, if you continue northwards along this route, via Fleet Market, it comes to the Holborn viaduct / bridge.

That is where I stopped, and turned south, via Farringdon street, which hist the intersection of Fleet street and Ludgate hill, at Ludgate Circus. That is it really.

I then spent an hour in Fleet street, then wandered towards St Pauls, and finally back to Liverpool street. Day over.

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