Wilderness lane – The Lion in the Wood

I have been searching for a census entry for this very early inn for some time. It is quite obvious once you find it, even if you missed it in the 1841 census previously.

The Lion in the Wood Inn, or public house disappears around 1862 from directories, and I have records from as early as 1833. It is also clearly marked on the 1746 Roques map of London, and I think Wilderness lane becomes Hatton street by about 1869, maybe a little earlier.

Very little of the early life of this area still exists, excepting a number of churches which live on. The Fleet ditch, or river, nearby has been totally annihilated and now forms part of the sewage system. To think that Londoners used to get their drinking water from such a waterway.

Anyway, another early pub for my amazing pub history site.

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