Taverns and coffee houses in 1829 and London wiki

I have spent a few hours, actually, most of the day; adding links to an excellent list of 1829 taverns and coffee houses, hotels etc. It is all the early stuff which does not always correspond to a list of public houses.

The years of research which have gone into the pub history site for London makes this all possible, even though it all takes time. My London 1832 street directory continues to pay dividends when looking for early addresses.

I never guarantee every detail is 100% correct, but I think the data speaks for itself. I spotted a couple of areas which I may dwell on a for another day, and then onto my next big project – a Londonwiki which will start with a few stump pages and a lot of links to the massive amounts of data I have assimilated over the years and onto a number of different sites.

hey ho.

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