London wiki & London pub history & London street directory

Lots of London, but which part of this should I concentrate on?

I have just started to build my London wiki site, and this will link heavily into my London pub history site, which is rather excellent in some ways; although I think the pages are rather boring.

Another important facet is to make the site web responsive, i.e. usable and friendly to mobile phone users. The problem is that most mobile users are interested in the here and now, and not in what was in place 100 or 200 years ago, and most of the pubs I list in my 2018 are incredibly boring modern structures!

Even the London street directory, with later entries in 1940 are not really relevant to the modern day, how can they be.

So, do I go back to my usual principle of building a site of entirely historical data, which has little relevance to the modern day?

The answer is, I do not know at present. I will sleep on this question.

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