Bethnal Green pubs, postcodes etc.

I have spent the day adding postcodes to the Bethnal Green pubs on my site. There are rather a lot of pubs, and it all takes time.

What I want to do is have a listing of all of the pubs on the site in each postcode, rather than area, or in the case of the City of London, a London parish.

It all takes time, lots of it.

The next question is how to split the pubs over postcode; as many areas cover multiple postcodes. I could add them into a database, which seems the best answer, but this also takes time, as I first need to find a way of adding thousands of entries in some form of automatic process, into a spreadsheet, and then create the database from the relevant files.

Too much to think about, and never enough time.

The next question is about where to display the output from this database, do I run it from the pub history site, or do I create a link from one of the newer wiki sites? The latter sounds like a very good idea.

Again, tomorrow is always the best time to decide, and not late at night.

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