Can you help with pub & railway stations pictures?

I am placing a request to everybody. I have no idea whether anyone reads any of my blogs, or visits any of my sites, but hey ho.

I am looking for any pictures of any railway stations, either underground, or over the top. I do not yet have the time to visit all of these. But, I will. This is to add the the accessible rail travel site.

I am also looking for pictures of any of the modern pubs which are listed in my 2018 listings. My records only go to 1944, which is a bit rubbish, and I need to slowly add any other pubs. I know this sounds rather extreme, but I just do not have anything for the modern pubs that abound, specifically in London.

I have lots more requests, as eventually I would like to map the entirety of London with pictures, but this is a dream I can look forward to!

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