St Clement Danes

I have been updating the site to add modern postcodes. One area was St Clement Danes. This area includes Aldwych (modern), Drury lane and the Strand.

It soon becomes apparent that the Strand is an easy area to work with, as numbering seems to stay the same through history.

Large parts of this area are re-developed, i.e. demolished for Aldwych around 1900 or thereabouts. This is where you need maps to workout which street have been removed.

Earlier, and prior to 1841, lots more of this area seems to disappear, although this is often just too many pubs in a street.

I am still thinking about much of this, so take a look for yourself, wher I have added several older pubs, e.g. the Alphabet, which do not even survive the first census in 1841; well, I do not think so.

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