London pub history updates

I have little idea of whether people actually read this blog, but it’s a personal blog on the updates on a rather excellent pub history site I am building.

In fact, I have been building this pub history site for a number of years, in fact, nearly twenty years.

I am currently watching a film about the twin towers being demolished by terrorists who ran two airplanes into these buildings. I remember it very well, as most people do, I had just started a new post a the University of Essex at the time, just a few weeks into the new post. I did not actually know anyone very well, so it was more of a blank, as I had no one to talk about it at the time. Horrible.

I have retired from this post, now.

Back to pub history, I pride myself on being highly rated in the search engines for the term of ‘pub history‘, and I score several hits in the top ten searches returned.

My sites are rather unique, in that they are incredibly factual, but also rather boring – that’s how it is. I don’t write stuff about an old pub, I just list details about it through time.

I do run my own web server which incorporates a number of pub history sites, and others which relate to London pub history. None of them are fantastic, jut my usual updates, and I probably have too many sites to update, anyway.

I also score highly for the search term – ‘London street directory‘. It’s what I do.

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