pub history, 200 years ago

I am always attempting to understand why I run all of these pub history sites. I think I am slowly getting a better idea.

Whenever I wander in London, I look at the various modern buildings and streets, and start to visualize them as I see them in, for example, the John Rocques map of London in 1746, I love this map.

I think this probably sums up my idea of a historical site of London, where I try to imagine what was on these streets a hundred years ago, or maybe fifty, or two hundred years ago. I love it, and it is a quest that I have, and will always have, to try and imagine a town long before it was decimated by greed and modern living, and very ad new glass-fronted bars.

This explains why I have built an 1832 and 1842 street directory for London; both of which are far too modern for my likings!

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