London street directory & pub history

Actually, my post is not about either of my main interests. Although I score highly for both London street directory & also for pub history in google, both are about #3; I am posting for an entirely different reason tonight.

What I am referring to is relevant to brexit in the UK and England; and also to the fact that people think it makes it OK to make racist remarks to people generally whether it be in an forum on the internet, in schools and hospitals, or in the wider working place, or anywhere.

It is not acceptable to use hate speech in the UK and England. I know it appears OK to do this, as Tory campaigners think it is OK to use racist abuse, e.g. in the London Mayoral elections, or when the likes of Boris the pratt opens his mouth about the use of the hijab – calling it a letter box!!

I think if you feel this use of language is OK, continue to vote Tory or what other right wing organisation you deem acceptable, you might as well vote in another Nazi. And all this time, Jermey Corbyn is deemed anti-semitic for being against this sort of rhetoric. When will the brilliant Jewish labour speak out against all of this shite instead.

Just saying.

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