Giving up smoking after 45 years & London pub history

Can you imagine smoking for 45 years, and all of the reciprocal effects of this on your lungs and life?

You decide that after 45 years of this life changing effect, that you can change? It is not that easy.

Then you make that effort, and stop smoking. Because your doctor shows an ounce of remorse, and offers you a way out of this life threatening illness.

You begin the newer drugs, some not so new, i.e. ventolin and sebri (a version of becotide).

You then go for a lung function test with a hospital technician, to be told that vaping is not giving up smoking, hut instead as suffering from the popcorn effects. Whatever this means.

You continue to trial the latest drugs, whilst not smoking for a number of weeks (3), so far.

That is three weeks you have not actually smoked a cigarette, no carcinogen effects, just nicotine from a vape, that is pretty damned good.

This is where I am at, and very proud of it. And I am slowly felling better for the life changes. It will take some time.

Meanwhile, I have discovered the internet archive, which is pretty bloody amazing. It incorporates my best sites, e.g. google books, and gutenberg and a whole host more, for early reference works.

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