London history & pub history

Well, I have a number of sites, as you may well know. My best site is of pub history, with about 50,000 pages – but it is not actually that good. It lists all of the pubs over a 200 year time span, excluding anything after 1944, except some modern listings.

The problems are, it does not list much which is modern – hey, ho. The older pubs are difficult to find, and even when you can find them, they are difficult to match with other pubs in the area.

What do I need to do? I probably need some form of mapping to make it easier to find these old pubs, I am less interested in the modern ones.

In fact, I have zero interest in pubs apart from their location, so this may be the clue.

My latest project is involved in looking at the London wall around Roman London. This was built around the end of the 4th century, although most sites claim it to be two hundred years earlier when the locals did not have the necessary skills to build this wall.

I have gathered together mainly Victorian archaeological evidence for the areas where this Wall existed, and with lots of examples. I have been bouncing this site around a few domain names, and I have finally settled on the site (at the moment).

This site also has some rather brilliant early street directories, e.g. the 1832 and 1842 listings, I am really pleased with these.

I now need to envelope the pub history site into this site, particularly for the city of London.

I will leave it at this tonight, as I am still trying to decide how to do this; but I will do this successfully, and well.

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