Mourning Bush Tavern etc

I suffer with a belief in whether the pages I add to the sites are of any use to anyone. I guess I am just a bit knackered.

The good news is I had an inspiration today, I spotted an anomaly (error), on one of the pages which led me to finding a rather excellent 1830 book on the New Post office in St Martin-le-Grand; and the Mourning Bush Tavern.

This book transcription is now listed on a couple of my pages. It adds to the history of both St Martin le Grand, but also mentions the London Wall in a couple of places.

There is quite a long account of the Ancient Mourning Bush Tavern, in Aldersgate; well, it is half the book, and from a perspective as written in 1830, but could easily have been 1930.

This is later the Raglan Hotel, in St Annes & St Agnes.

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