Holdens directories of London in 1805 and 1811

I have a number of pages listing most of the publicans, licensees,wine & brandy merchants of London according to the Holdens directories of 1805 and 1811.

These were achieved by literally working through each directory, and transcribing manually the entries I felt worth recording.

There are a few entries which are not relevant to pub history, but the majority are good.

Once these have been added to the site, as they have been, I slowly work through the many pages, and add links to the relevant pub if it exists, and also the relevant detail to the specific pub in question.

This all takes time. It is very labour intensive; and in some cases can be extremely boring.

A major plus point in doing this has been my addition of the London 1832 Robsons street directory. This directory does not cover ever part of London, but where it is listed and added, it is brilliant. The 1842 Robsons directory is mainly added to many of these pages, which is good.

I will not continue with other examples, but these two are keeping me busy.

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