London gates & modern politic

It is 2019, and the murder of Lyra McKee by whoever the scum was, and I stand by the Good Friday agreement, and implore that this be continued by sensible politicians (of which there do not seem to be many at present), to continue the peace in Ireland, and that we seek a brexit deal which meets everyones will. For the love of god.

The IRA are shit for doing this.

And Trump wants to make a state visit to the United Kingdom as a means of building his new campaign for the next presidency. Has this world gone completely mad? Is it all about mad ideologists, like Trump and May, who care more about their political campaigns, than those who are affected by them.

And in addition to this, we see food banks at an all-time high, knife crime too, and working families unable to feed their families. It does not say much for ten years of Conservative government, but then I always knew they were shite. But others continue to vote for this scum that call themselves caring.

It is all on my London history site

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