Turks Head, Butcher row & child poverty

I was adding new records for the Holdens 1811 directory, and came across an entry for the Turks Head, Butcher row in Ratcliff. I actually found quite a few early records for the same pub, and eventually added this to the site.

This makes a good read, with sixty years at least of pub history. My pub history sites cover a whole lot more, but the more I do, the less they seem to achieve. I always presume someone is stealing all of my work over the last twenty years, but I think this is not the case, I just wonder why I keep adding more to the sites.

As an aside, I studied with the Open University, which was fifty years old a few days ago. A brilliant institution, and it changed my life for ever, with my studies in Mathematics, Computers, Economics and latterly European politics.

I certainly had eighteen years work at an Essex University from this; I will let you guess what it was called.

I was never very good at writing essays, or holding conversations, better at using numbers, but I achieved a degree, and always look back at walking onto the stage at the degree ceremony, and telling the lady who handed me my scroll that the previous person was my wife – we celebrated together. Brilliant. And I think we kissed on stage – that’s me and my wife, not the other lady.

Years on, and three children have all worked through the same process, and all at considerably higher levels than I could have ever achieved.

Meanwhile, I watch a lot of Channel 4, with John Snow, and other brilliant reporters. They have been covering a small story recently, the deprivation in England, as reported by teachers and Head teachers, as to their acknowledgment of the increase in child poverty, as seen in the classroom.

In the fifth most privileged, and richest, nation on the earth, we have a Conservative government – naturally, as people tell me there is no alternative to vote for.

In the fifth most privileged, and richest, nation on the earth, we have an increasing number of food banks, and child poverty increasing every year, and funding of schools and colleges decreasing, as is the funding for mental health services.

The funding for anything child related, e.g. youth clubs has been entirely removed. Knife crime is rising exponentially, obviously with no clear relationship to the lack of youth funding.

The benefits system has been overhauled, with the new and wonderful system to put people off of drawing benefits causing the poorest to lose any benefits for a period of about five weeks. Can you imagine living without any money for five weeks, if you have nothing in the first place?

That is enough for tonight. How can people continue to vote this immoral Conservative government into power. I am a massive Corbynite, but I would rather see you vote for anyone apart from the current Tory party – they are just total scumbags.

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