London 1836 Pigots pubs

This is one of the earlier pub listings on the pub history site for London, in 1836, and just prior to Queen Victoria being on the throne; so this would have been William IV on the throne (1830 to 1837).

The first major census of the UK was in 1841, and every ten years subsequently afterwards. I would have killed for this listing ten years ago, but the age of the internet has made many more records accessible. In fact, there are now listings for all the major roads and streets of London listed in 1832 and 1842, although some are excluded from this listing at the time, I don’t know why.

There are also listings about this time in 1833-ish which are rather brilliant, and complete; and as these extra records are added, you can see the efforts of the directory listings in getting the addresses correct, as they appear to regularly change. They do an amazingly fantastic job of all of this, nearly 200 years ago, and no internet, no computers, and no mobile phones, or even a telephone. Can you imagine?

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