Walks around London in pdf format

OK, this is just an idea, but I think this will work. I obviously need to test it, but this is what makes having your own web site extraordinarly useful.

I have been looking at the London wall, again, obviously in London. It was built by the Romans, and I believe it was built close to their demise of 390 AD, bu many other sites quote it to be between 190 and 225 AD. This is not important at present.

What is important, is that I have found early records, which list where the wall may have been. These are difficult to map in modern times, although the London Museum did create a number of plaques which mapped to the relevant site, many of these have been removed over the years.

Moving on, we now have a brilliant google maps which not only gives a street view, where it is accessible, it also gives a satellite view, and this is often much more useful.

Some of the google maps rely on a vehicle being able to visit a site, but where this is a side lane, or a pedestrianised area, this does not work.

My plan is to build a number of street walks using the satellite view and locally taken pictures of a zone to show the area.

That’s it really.

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