Homeserve, Lloyds insurance, bank overdrafts ppi & pub history

I am still missing one of my favourite topics in this post, but this will do for now.

I had Homeserve insurance for may years, what a waste of money. Homeserve is one of the older companies aimed at older people, and a pile of shit. They never actually fixed anything, and always used excuses for not completing a task.

For a fraction of their cost, this is now all incorporated into my home insurance with my car insurance, i.e. Churchill. Their service has been good so far, and at a fraction of the cost.

A similar story goes with Lloyd Insurance. It is worth looking at who your insurance company actually is, and what it is costing. I spent thousands in buildings insurance over the years, and this is just a stupid thing to do – it was expensive and a complete waste of money.

In 1887, my wife and I moved properties. We had purchased out first property for a few thousand pounds, and were making our first move. We purchased another property, and as our first property had not yet sold, we took out a bridging loan for £50,000.

So, we had two properties, a massive bridging loan, a massive debt on credit card to cover the deposit on the new house.

Telephone calls to the Nat West have seen zero knowledge of this bridging loan, and although they have suggested where we can get detailed documentary evidence of this, it has never been forthcoming. There was no reply to my letters regarding this.

I do not know whether to follow this up. I did make a claim about unfair pension selling, and this is history ….

Pub history is less of an issue in my life …

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