Apology to Shell energy

I wrote a damning report on Shell energy, which has been deleted as it was incorrect. I spent most of this morning chatting to an online assistant at Shell energy, and very helpful it was.

I was previously with SSE, for both electricity and gas. They are useless, well their online help is. They probably owe me hundreds of pounds in overspend on the bills, I know they have done this to me before, where they just let the credit build up.

SSE installed smart meters into my house a short while back, and one of those online thingeys that let you see your usage etc. I presumed the data on this was correct, and took my meter reading from this wonderful device.

It turns out, it is not that useful, as the meters still store the meter readings, and there is a button A, which tells you your meter reading. Just for the record, the gas meter installed by SSE had a gas leak, and this has already been fixed, as an emergency callout. It now seems the electricity meter has a flashing red light, and I await to find out what this actually means.

Anyway, the online assistant at shell energy was very heplpful, and patient. Thank you.


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