London 1829 Robsons licensed victuallers and public houses

Yes, the title tells you the story. I was taking another look through what is now available through the Ancestry library, and discovered there was a listing in 1829 in the Robsons directory for licensed victuallers.

This is basically the public houses of the time, there is also an additional listing of hotels, inns and taverns – just to be clear.

Anyway, this is a particularly useful listing. It is earlier than most I have listed, even by just a few years. It does not give a great amount of detail, but linked to all of the other records I list, it continues to build a picture of an early public house, and its occupants, and is also amazingly useful for tracing some of the early addresses in London.

I have not yet added any of this to the pubs history site, but there will be the first few entries tonight, as I have been building this over the last few days.

Watch the London pub history index page.


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