Web responsive design and London pub history

Says it all. Web responsive design, and London pub history.

I purchased a cheap phone via tesco to check out my sites on a mobile. It was a very bad idea, as the phone is shite, but I have found a rather good app, i.e. Sizzy

So, for the past twenty four hours, I have been updating my London pub history pages. I am mainly removing repetitive text which does not really add anything to the page.

That is mainly what I am doing, but with up to 50 thousand pages on the site, this always takes me some time. and then I have to repeat it as I want to change something else!

I am really not impressed with just a page of licensee on a pub history page, although I do this for a reason, to prove the pub existed at the time. I will continue to do this until I come up with a better system.

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