Wetherspoons & Free Solo Channel 4

I will work backwards. I just watched Free Solo on channel 4. A fantastic documentary about climbing in the extreme, without any safety ropes, etc. The guy was brilliant, amazing, a complete aspergers nutter.

I could just about cope with watching extreme physical exertions to climb an impassable 2000 foot (or was it meteres?) climb, but started to feel sick as he got to the top. and close to an edge. That’s my limit!

It reminded me of visiting a Wetherspoons pub in Nottingham (apologies to Lincoln, previously quoted) a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit tired looking, but most Wetherspoons pubs are usually good, reasonably priced food and drink.

I guess the stains on the menus finished me off, and feeling sick just thinking about what they could do to the food, if they cannot even have clean menus, I walked out (before ordering, of course).

Things that make a difference, cleanliness and edges.

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