Grimsby pub history

Yes, you are correct, Grimsby is a long way from London, on the north east coast of Lincolnshire, the Humber estuary, and a sea port with quite a history in fishing.

Here are some of my updates for the pubs history in Grimsby, certainly pre-1935 back to about 1826, with some links to Barking.

A brand new fish market was built in 1996, but I am more interested in the building of a new dock in the 1850’s; well apparently from the 1840’s onwards.

My interest is the links with the fishing fleet at Barking, in Essex, now a London borough. By the 1861 census, the entirety of the fishing fleet moved from Barking to Grimsby, a because of this new dock and the quicker links into London by the newly arriving transport system, the railway!

Barking has been on the slide ever since, and is now, in 2019, probably one of the poorer areas of London, but all this appears to be changing as new Barking Reach ‘housing developments’ start to take place, and I read somewhere that Billingsgate and another market are to relocate to this area of Barking. I guess we are looking at another annihilation of a riverside area for commercial profit.

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