London pub history – how much better can it get?

I deride my pub history sites as being incredibly boring,as they just list a few licensees, etc. I am so wrong.

I have been updating the pub history and other areas with pub history for a number of years. The detail is not generally modern, and is of little interest to the youth who are looking for a pub, more an old peoples home for pubs!

This is not actually the only reason I do this. I am making an attempt to make a record of the people who lived in a building over the past 150 years, and the street name changes, ans other changes during that time. It is not just about pubs, but I use them as an example.

I think it works, but I have many doubts as to why I spend my waking, and sometimes sleeping, hours doing this. I dream about it a lot.

My pub history site is second to none, was it worth the effort? Here is an example of Mile End, London.


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