Pub history updates for London E3

Ewan of the pubology site regularly sends me major updates for the London history site. These recently included all for London E3, which includes parts of Bethnal green, Bow, Bromley and Mile End.

That’s it really.

Some of these details are just fill-in detail, others include a name for a beer house discovered from a random census (often in 1911). Some details are beer houses which become a major pub, or just an off licence which has finally been named.

Some of the detail takes a pub history back another ten years, or maybe more. Some detail shows changes in addresses through time, or a rebuilding of a pub at a slightly different address.

Some of the detail includes matching a list of beer retailers at a specific address with a named pub, or again, jut an address until we find the name.

That’s it really. Most of it is not worth an individual blog entry,but like the site, it continues to evolve, and grow.

Most of my pubs are linked back from Ewan’s site; i.e. the pubolgy site, so I leave you with a link to London E3.

That’s it really.


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