London beer houses in 1899 & 1910 updates

I have spent a little (lot) of time adding beer retailers and beer houses to the pub history site, as have many of the people who have helped me update this site as a truly wonderful site about pub history.

I know it looks boring, but I think it is a wonderful masterpiece about these unknown places in history.

In retrospect, I made a big issue of adding every named public house in 1899, and I think I have almost achieved this, with one or two still missing.

Today, I thought I would check to see how may of the beer houses that were un-named at the time, in the beer retailer directories, were actually listed on the site. I also started this for 1910, and am working through the many lists I have built, and adding links as they exist.

This is largely driven at present by Ewan of the pubology site, blame him! He keeps my desire going to update this pub history site; as it continues to build.

That’s it really. Lots more 1899 and 1910 London beer houses now linked into the search engine, which is an amazing local search of all of my sites, although often it is broken as I rebuild the site.


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