Hackney 1861 census additions & updates

I have a rather select band of people who update this site. I do all of the actual updating of content, so it is maybe, not an United effort of a band of people. This rather excellent small group send me their details via quite an outdated fashion of communication, email.

Anyway, Vincent sent me a rather excellent addition to the Crooked Billet, Upper Clapton road, which I have just added. I was looking at the early census records missing for 1841, and 1851, both in the early reign of Queen Victoria.

Who cares, you say, well I do; as do these pubs when quoting their early history. After a quick search, I added the 1841 census, from 178 years ago! Then I discovered I had already transcribed the 1861 census a while ago, and with all of the additional records added, I could now say that this address was relevant.

Checking through my 1861 transcriptions for 1861, I have now added a host of other Hackney pubs details for this period.

Boring, you may say! Well, it keeps me happy.

As an aside, about 40 years ago I was courting a rather lovely Barts nurse, who also worked at the Homerton. My other interest in this area. Now happily married for 35 years, and with three great youngsters, all University educated – a doctor, a mathematician, and a digital educator.

That’s it really.

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