More Hackney pub history updates & accessible travel in London

Where do I start? Well, I have been working through the 1901 census for Hackney south east. It was rather useful, as some of the street numbering alters between the 1901 and 1911 census; and I spotted a number of errors. Initially I thought I had found earlier records for some of the pubs, until latterly checking the pubology site, Ewan was already aware of these additional details. He updates my site in a major way.

Anyway, I have altered some of these pages, and deleted the discrepancy pages. Whatever.

I spent a day in London today. I received my London60 pass, giving me free travel into London for the a number of years. The postman delivered it at 11 am. , and I was in the centre of London by midday, and I also had a cup of tea before I left!

One relevance to my London travel is in building a decent site about accessible travel in London. There are a lot of stations, and noticeably, a number of underground lines which are totally inaccessible to anyone who cannot cope with steps. It is getting better all of the time, but it is still absolutely awful.

A good example of ‘BAD’ is the Northern line, where I would guess that nearly all stations are inaccessible, except Tottenham Court road, which is brilliant.

I need some help with this, particularly from those who suffer with accessible problems, or anyone who wants to help out. I need good examples, and bad, and pictures, etc.

I am slowly building a reasonable site (unless you think it is crap), about accessible rail travel in London. I need updates.

Andy, who the site is dedicated to, is my daughters godfather – the godfather.



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