Accessible travel in London on the Northern line

I had an interesting day today. I thought I would make a start on the Northern line underground train stations to see whether they were actually as bad as suggested.

Well, I only walked 15,000 steps today, but I have clocked up 43 sets of stairs. There is hope for me yet, I could barely walk up a single flight of stairs, six months ago!

Anyway, back to the Northern line. I firstly travelled to Morden, the southern most station which classifies as a very accessible station. This is very true. Well done TFL.

I then visited every station from Morden to Charing Cross, exiting and entering each station, from platform to street level; plus a few pubs were photographed near to these stations.

What did I discover. Well, my results are worse than those which are supposed to be correct. I discovered a lot of stations where there were not just very long escalators, but additional stairs – maybe I was just being plain stupid, but I don’t think so. One station was having its downwards elevator being repaired (until august); and Stockwell upwards elevator was in-operational when I visited. Apart from that, I watched people physically person-handling pushchairs up flights of stairs, and the usual luggage.

At one station. Kennington, there was a lift which went from street level to a suggested platform level area, and then some more stairs to climb up or down.What the f??

I am aware that a very small proportion of people are in wheelchairs who would like to use the transport system, but there are quite a lot of mums with wheelchairs!

Just another 590 stations still to visit. My site is slowly building, and all help and additional comment is very welcome, as are pictures, and feedback. Its called

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