Hackney pubs & life generally

Lets start with Hackney. I have continued working through the 1901 census for Hackney pub history, and re-checked and re-ordered the lists into some form of sense, and added a number of additional licensed premises to the site – most are off licences, but hey ho!

I will spend a day in London tomorrow, and will either visit my old haunts in the Hackney area, or the Northern line where I am building an accessible site of the stations – the Northern line is generally rubbish, but there are a couple of good stations which are improving.

Life is good, for anyone who actually reads this stuff. I now have a London60 pass, so lots of trips all round London are planned, lots of them. Actually, they are not really planned, I just turn up in a undesignated zone, either by train or bus; and wander. The exercise is good, going from a few steps a day to many thousands, including lots of stairs. I am trying to keep up with my young wife! Maybe I will catch up with her one day! Here’s hoping, she is lovely.

The reason I jest so much is that the pub history site and all my other sites seem to be taking a downturn at present. I use google ads to pay for the server they reside on, which does not cost a great deal, but the £2 earned from ads yesterday, does not really cover this.

I enjoy the research, I have been doing it for many years, but the more I do, the less the sites seem to earn. I am clearly doing something wrong.

I could of course, drop all of the sites, and have lots of overseas holidays. But that would be boring. I like London, and researching the history of places. I will give it a little more thought.


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