Tottenham Court road & the Northern line

As part of my health plan to get fit, I am visiting every one of the 600 rail stations in London, and adding modern pub pictures. So far, I have been concentrating on the Northern line. One of my other web sites which I started building just prior to the London Olympics is about accessiblity to the London rail stations. I am not in a wheelchair, but I do have health issues relating to climbing a steep slope, large numbers of stairs, so this site is for everyone like me and those who have non-self inflicted issues of too many years smoking!

I visited Tottenham Court road a couple of weeks ago, and discovered the excellent lifts at the station. I was also aware that the Northern line does not score highly for step-free train stations. I previously visited the Morden to Embankment southern section of this line. Today, I visited class
Tottenham Court road again, with a mission to visit some of the more northerly stations.

From this, I have spent the whole evening updating just
Tottenham Court road with some useful pictures, etc. I hope they are useful, as I build my understanding of what equates to a fully accessible station.


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