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Well, I spent the day in London visiting the Northern part of the Jubilee line, from Baker street to Stanmore. That was quite interesting. I chose the least accessible part of the Jubilee line, as every station south of Baker street gets an accessible symbol.

I stopped when I was at Bond street, as one of the station staff told me off for using flash photography on the station to take a picture of the raised platform, the reason was it was like a gun going off – I am not convinced this was a fair answer.

I will have another go next week, maybe.

As regards the pub wiki site, I have made a lot of changes without deleting anything yet. All my pub history site is now on my site. It is also on the original pages, but these are often pointing to the new site, certainly the index pages.

That’s it really. Off to add some more pub history to the new site!


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