pub wiki transfer

For what it is worth reporting. I have transferred all of my pub history sites, well both of them, to the new pub wiki site.

The site is largely unchanged although with many updates every day as usual, and it does include the whole of the UK again. There are reasons for making this change, but I will not bore you.

I want to build the accessibility site for London, and regularly take a trip into London at least once or twice a week for this purpose.

I am most interested in taking pictures of steps, stairs, elevators and gaps onto trains. I am obviously getting slightly paranoid about my ability to walk!

A typical trip to London ends up with my climbing between 16 and 38 steps of stairs, depending on my day. I am far from finished, although sometimes I struggle a little! This is the story of accessible travel in London, when will it ever become a reality?

It certainly did not become accessible under the auspices of Boron, London mayor, he just gave away the London Olympic stadium to West Ham with free policing, useless piece of Tory scumbags shite that he was.

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