pub history in Victorian London

I guess I need to clarify what I know, and what is insignificant to my knowledge.

I do know lots of pubs are continually closing, and others are opening, e.g. Wetherspoons and the like.

I also know I don’t really have a lot of knowledge about pub history since 1944, which is quite a long time ago. For most people, this is like the dark ages!

Now it’s said, my sites are largely aimed at pubs that have existed since, or during the Victorian era, maybe a little later.

So, the question is who really cares about this era of pub history? Well, simple answer, I do. That’s it. Early Victorian pubs may have little interest to most people, but it is one of my main interests, especially in London. I can use the early London pubs to traverse an area, explain street name changes, map a pub to a specific London parish, and list licensees and residents at a specific address.

And to make it a slightly bit more interesting, some of these addresses do not get listed in the google search engine unless I list them. What could be better than this.

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