Licensed Victuallers Association

The title says it all. The Licensed Victuallers Association was formed as a form of insurance against hardship for the lucky few, well actually, for the not so lucky.

The Society of Licensed Victuallers began in 1793 as a friendly society for the mutual benefit of publicans, and the relief of members of the licensed victualling trade and their families. It was incorporated by royal charter in 1836. A daily newspaper, the Morning Advertiser, was soon established to promote its interests. In 1802 the Society set up a school in Kennington Lane for boys and girls of deceased or impoverished fellow traders.


I have spent the day adding links to the various years of records which I currently have transcribed on my site, the pub history wiki. It all adds to the history of a Victorian pub, as many of these records are in the 1860s, although I also have records from the 1830s.

The useful detail is when I confirm a change of address for a public house, and thus making it a little more interesting. One of the better examples is in St George Hanover square – and the Grosvenor Arms.

This is just one of many examples.

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