Battersea, Clapham & London suburban areas

I continue my pub history updates for Battersea, which have been monumental to say the least. All of the Battersea 1871 census added, and earlier records too. But, I am still missing some of the 1851 pubs which existed.

I thought I would try out some of the areas nearby to see if I could fill these gaps, and hence Clapham pub history updates.

I am very lacking in this area, even if I have been researching the entirety for many years. I do not ever get the time to research any areas properly, but my sites are still significant, and probably better than you will find anywhere for early research!

That’s it really, for now. I am still working through the last parts of Clapham in 1871, then onto another locality.

As a sideline issue, I broke a rib, I think, about 10 days ago, and this is slowly mending. It is painful, but apart from the problems with breathing, and the pain levels, this is slowly getting better.

The reason I mention this, is my trips to London have stalled for a few days. I made it to the British Library at Kings Cross, and will be visiting again fairly soon, and the same goes for the London Metropolitan Archive. I now have readers cards for both.

Lots more to come as usual.


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