Random pub history blog post

I have actually cancelled this blog and the relevant web site url, but as it is still working, why not post a bit of stuff about the many changes on the pub history sites.

I have been suffering with reduced revenue from advertising to cover the costs of running this site, I spend about £60 a month on a server (a vps server). I also spend my entire waking life updating the same at zero £ per hour, and have been doing this for the past 20 years!

Why do I do this then? Because I enjoy doing it!

Am I good at researching pub history, and the older pubs, YES I am. Is it relevant today, probably not in most cases, but it is a study on early life in London, particularly in Victorian times and earlier. My later records often phase out after about 1937 – 1944.

I did spend the day reading an SEO report on all of the google search changes that are happening these days, and that older sites like mine are penalised as they try and cover too much. They are thin sites, with little detail on many pages, whereas you are better to build fat sites (like a blog).

Age of a site has little preference over a brand new site.

So, what I have done today, and this is not yet complete, is to move anything not related to London and the immediate home counties to another of my sites. This has halved the number of pages on the pubshistory site, but they are tending to be the better pages.

There is still much more room for improvement, and this will continue over the coming days, weeks and months, and years – hopefully.

Kevan – here is to a long life.

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