Building a truly remarkable site about London history

I have been building a truly remarkable site about London history for some years. Well, I think so.

The site started with an update to an Essex pub history site, then I began to add bits of London, and its pub history.

Then I slowly added large swathes of the rest of the country, but also continued to add more detail to the London public houses and buildings. Then I started adding street directories for large parts of London in 1921, then in 1832, and latterly in 1940.

And the updates continue. And although each page on the site is probably quite personal to a small subset of people in each instance, it is also an estimation of where these records can be found if you wish to research a particular address, or street, or wherever.

And there are always new resources being made available which far surpass my efforts, but this does not negate what I have added to the internet search engines, where a search will often find my page rather than a multi-million pound estate agents page on how the building is now a major piece of real estate. Who cares.

I will leave this out there for the time being. I build a site, or sites, which actually cost me more to run than I receive revenues, but it is the collection of data which inspires me. Sad, but true.


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