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St Barts and pubs.

The London public house dot com site describes itself accurately.

The words can be used separately or as a phrase, and still have meaning. The main word missing is history, OLD history.

If you are looking for details of an old house, old London street, a public house in the UK; then there may be some detail on one of my many sites.

This is a blog which may have some interesting articles, and it probably will at some stage.

I post a picture of St Bartholomew for a reason, it is quite close to St Barts hospital, the meat market at Smithfield and much more.

Entrance to St Bartholomew the Great

In about 1891, at the entrance to the church at about 57 West Smithfield is William C Griffin, stationer. That is Lockharts Coffee rooms at 57a on the left, and between is Bartholomew close

Apparently, it is London’s oldest church built by Henry, the son of William the Conqueror; and has survived through all of its history, from 1123. The hospital also dates from this time, making them both just short of 900 years old (the picture shows it at about 500 years old).

My introduction to this great place was about 40 years ago. A regular visitor to the Bishops Finger (previously the Rutland in an earlier life), and a superb pint from Shepherd & Neame.

It was about this time that I slept on the pavement the night before a very special Royal Wedding in 1981, along with six nurses from St Barts, including my current wife (I have actually only ever had one!).

That’s it really.